MTB Marine Europe 2016 - Malta

As one of the participants in the MTB Marine Europe 2016, we are now looking forward to see many new and known faces. From 19th-22nd October 2016 the HASYTEC GmbH represented by Mr. Danny Caffa, Director Sales International, will attend, when it is called once again: "Copland invites to one of the most important MTB in shipping".

Green Shipping Summit 2016 - Rotterdam

From 17th - 18th October 2016 the HASYTEC GmbH represented by Mr. Bob Lamers, Director Sales Benelux, will attend, when this important conference takes place in Rotterdam. In addition we are represented by Capt. Sven Fromm, Managing Director of Clever Marine Services Ltd. who represents our products and services in the United Kingdom. With Clever Marine Services Ltd. HASYTEC GmbH settled a joint venture as we support their products and services which are provided globally and proven to be very reasonable.

If progress, then properly!

Our value creation for our new DBP! Dynamic Biofilm Protection (DBP) is a rising star in the sky of development! With DBP also YOU will contribute to protecting the environment and saving costs. Please let us provide you with our attractive proposal and guide you to environmental improvement and cost reduction.


Welcome to our new and improved website. We are still the same BUT with better products, higher quality and an incredible amount of enthusiasm and dedication to provide exceptional service to you. Let's start together into a green future!

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