HASYTEC DBP Installation report

This morning we started an installation of our DBP system on board of a 5.500 dwt General Cargo Vessel in a Baltic State dry dock in order to protect vessel's sea water cooling system and fresh water generator against marine growth and fouling. This is the third vessel we have been awarded for by our German customer and we are thankful for this great cooperation and business relationship.

HASYTEC receives first award in Asia

27.06.2019 we pitched in the grand finale of OCEAN OF OPPORTUNITIES AWARD in Singapore. The award was initiated by SCS - Symphony Creative Solutions, ONE - Ocean Network Express and NUS - National University of Singapore. Fully matching with the Jury's challenge statement of prevention of hull and propeller fouling we are proud to announce receiving this award!

HASYTEC DBP Installation report

Starting into a new week we are happy to report today about two recently conducted installations. One was carried out for an Asian owner on one of his car carriers. During port call in Singapore HASYTEC DBP was installed to protect the Central FW Coolers. The other one was conducted in the Baltic States on a 6.000 dwt general cargo vessel. During dry dock HASYTEC DBP was installed to protect the hull against marine growth and fouling.

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