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Amazing biofilm protection results presented by Hasytec Group With the rising awareness of ‘Green Shipping’ and the growing concern for the spreading of invasive species lodged on the vessels, there is an alternative to coating with toxins or metals. The labor and cost intensive cleanings procedures for sea chests, coolers, heat exchangers, freshwater generators, propellers and hulls can be replaced by new and improved technology. Not only will the technology improve the environmental impact of shipping, but it will also save fuel and enhance performance of the vessels. In Kiel, Germany HASYTEC Electronics GmbH have for the last years been working on improving their Dynamic Biofilm Protectio

HASYTEC proves Hull Antifouling!

Our innovative and sustainable DBP technology reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and is THE future solution against spreading invasive species.Let's get shipping cleaner! Watch also MARPRO article about latest news in ultrasound based environmentally friendly hull protection!

Meet us at Seadevcon'19

The SEADEVCON ‘19 ( will take place on the 26th and 27th of September, integrated into the 11th Hamburg Climate Week. The annual event, which is taking place for the second time, will focus on the contribution of CO2 emissions from commercial shipping and maritime tourism to climate change. SEADEVCON ’19 will bring together experts from the maritime business, representatives from shipping companies, researchers and academics, developers of hard- and software technologies, NGOs, and environmental activists to present attempts at technical solutions, to discuss the future of the industry, and to look at the ports of tomorrow. The Startup Night on board the MS Stubnitz on Kirc

HASYTEC DBP Installation report

After enjoying summer holidays we are back in order to let you be part of two installations we have conducted the last few weeks in Republic of Korea. An ice breaking vessel of the good company KOPRI got the plate heat exchangers for engine cooling protected with DBP against marine growth and fouling. Also the propeller of an PSV from KOEM was protected against marine growth and fouling by installing DBP.

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Donsö Shipping Meet, the biggest shipping event in Sweden well underway. The first day is busy with many stopping by our stand. Attire is a bit casual as we arrived in streaming rain this morning, now it is nice again and the beautiful island showing its best side

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