HASYTEC on board German shipping company VEGA

After first successful projects HASYTEC was awarded recently to protect the fleet`s seawater cooling systems with the innovative and award winning Dynamic Biofilm Protection (DBP) of Hamburg based innovative shipping company VEGA. The DBP technology uses ultrasound to prevent the initial steps of biofouling: the biofilm. Therefore it protects vessel`s seawater cooling system against marine growth and fouling.

For Jan Kelling, HASYTEC Director Sales & Projects, this commitment is the next milestone for HASYTEC as well as for the green effort in shipping: “Again an innovative shipping company is protecting their fleet with our technology as a standard solution which is a big commitment to our oceans. It is a big confirmation for us that our technology, our quality and our way of taking care of our customers is the right way to do business in shipping. We trust this might help more to go a green way using our technology instead of releasing heavy metals into our oceans.”

left: Leon Constantin von Plato VEGA, right: Philippe Röben HASYTEC

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